Our areas of focus and expertise

We deliver comprehensive negotiation skills and support as well as helping to develop advanced personal influencing skills – get the influencing right and not only will your commercial relationships be stronger, so too will your negotiation outcomes.

Negotiation skills

Negotiation objectives and positions – openings and closings

Using variables and interests

Understanding and changing the balance of power

Making and receiving proposals

Using negotiation ‘stances’

Dealing with buying groups

Conditioning and creating long term objectives

Corporate interaction and stakeholder management

Creating an aligned corporate plan

Dealing with unexpected demands

Making your organisation a hard target

Dealing with (and using) the ‘tricks of the trade

Managing deadlock

Influencing skills

Effective use of language

Effective non verbal communication

Using ‘headlines’ to create impact

Effective questioning

Personal influencing styles

When to use different styles of Influencing

Persuasive presentation

Creating engagement and rapport

Managing tone and engagement

Mood leadership and projecting positivity

Social styles and expanding personal repertoires

Psychological influencing techniques