Specialists in Negotiation and Influence

Who we are

Brand Ability provides negotiation training and support exclusively to brand owners – delivering quantifiable results through effective commercial relationship management.



We only work with Brand owners

Though the principles of negotiation are the same for buyers and sellers alike, almost nothing else is.


“I don’t just want my team to be tough negotiators, I want them to be relationship managers as well”

We focus on Influencing as well as Negotiation skills

Only a small % of commercial interactions are formal negotiations – every interaction provides the opportunity to increase your influence and leverage.


“Sometimes the conversations over coffee can be just as important as the annual negotiation”

We only work in 'closed' sessions with one client at a time

Wherever possible we use your own, live commercial issues rather than un-related case studies.


“I thought the facilitator was on our side. He wasn’t just trying to trick us with complicated and irrelevant case studies”

We help you develop your personal social, influencing and communication styles

We use psychometrics to assess your own social and influencing styles – and how to expand your personal repertoire.


“Our managers don’t just need to negotiate externally they need to lead internally as well”

We help you deal with unexpected and unreasonable demands

Not everything needs to be negotiated. We help make your organisation a ‘hard target’ and future proof your business.


“Sometimes our customers just make an unreasonable demand just to ratchet up the cost of doing business”